XVIlI International perfumery and cosmetics exhibition
18-20 September 2019 • IEC, Kyiv, Ukraine
18-19 September - 10:00 до 18:00 | 20 September - 10:00 до 17:00

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Company Products Stand Country


NARO Skin care 3c-4-1-2 Korea
Scoria Industry Cosmetic from volcanic ash 3c-4-1-3 Korea
HIMEDICOS Skin care 3c-4-1-1 Korea
ONESKIN COSMETICS  Skincare and decorative cosmetics 3c-4-1-4 Korea
AJU Cosmetic Co. Contract manufacture of cosmetics 3C-4-5-1 Korea
LINKPLEX Skin care cosmetics, cosmetology equipment 3C-4-3-2 Korea
Neogenesis Fillers and threads 3C-4-5-2 Korea
Pine BM Co., Ltd Fillers and threads 3C-4-3-1 Korea
WANNABE COSMETIC CO.,LTD Make-up cosmetics 3C-4-3-3 Korea
Wizmedi Cosmetics, skin care, Medical equipment 3C-4-3-4 Korea
Wooshinmedics Cosmetology products in the form of patches, hydrogel patches and patch panels 3C-4-5-3 Korea
Paper&Nonwoven Consumables (towels, sheets, stripes for epilation, napkins, etc) 3A-6-43 Poland
BEAVER COSMETIC GROUP Facial and hair care cosmetics 2A-10-3 Poland
Juves Laboratories aesthetic medicine, fillers 3A-6-30 France
Yasumi Facial cosmetics for face 3A-6-41 Poland
Beijing Sanhe medical and cosmetology oboyudovanie 3C-2-15 China
Beijin Superlaser medical and cosmetology oboyudovanie 3C-2-13 China
Cosmoderma Make-up cosmetics 3A-6-45 Poland
Derma Solution medical and cosmetology oboyudovanie 3А-3-2 Israel
Alta Care body and face care 3A-6-20 Italy
B-selfie filler patch 3A-3-4 Italy
Bioenergetic Lab food additives and facial care 3C-3-28a Italy
 Wenzhou ACMISAWA medical equipment 3A-6-38 China

Retail Cosmetics

Yuyao Solo Beauty all types of cosmetic pencils 2A-2-15 China
Halitlar Gida diapers and wet wipes for children 2A-7-15 Turkey
Feeria 98 LTD decorative cosmetics 2A-7-13 Bulgaria
ROYX PRO   sugar paste for depilation 2A-10-1 Poland
Morfose uhodovaya and decorative cosmetics 2A-4-9 Turkey
Sera Bakim cosmetics for body and face care 2A-7-14 Turkey
Timever decorative cosmetics 2A-4-21 China


Chantal hair cosmetics 1A-2-3 Poland
BEAVER COSMETIC GROUP cosmetics for hair and face 2A-10-3 Poland
Hairmax hair restoration 2A-9-16 Poland
GORGOL Wooden combs 2A-9-15 Poland
Agilise Cosmeticos hair cosmetics 2А-7-12 Brazil

Raw materials and Packaging

Guangzhou Jinhong Packing Co., LTD jars and caps for gel-varnish 1C-4-2 China
Baralan International Glass bottles and jars 2A-4-17 Italy

Household chemicals

EUDUCO KBC GROUP  washing powders and detergents 2A-10-5 Poland

Nail service

Guangzhou Missgel gel polish 1C-4-9 China
Yiwu Qianshuo Lily Ange gel polish and OEM 1C-4-13 China
Guangzhou  Queen Shining  gel polish and nail extension  1C-4-23 China
Guangzhou Hancai gel polish 1C-5-11 China
Zhuhai Aos gel polish and OEM  1C-5-17 China
Guangzhou Oly gel polish, instruments and UV lamps 1C-4-15 China
Shenzhen Uvled  UV lamps 1C-5-15 China
Guangzhou Yidingcheng  gel polish 1C-5-23 China
Dongguan Zeal Shine manicure instruments and permanent make-up 1C-5-1 China
Tertio Fashion Spirit SRL gel polish Tertio 1С-4-5 China
Yiwu Simone  gel polish and make up 1C-5-7 China
Guangzhou Perfect gel polish and OEM  1C-5-9 China
Guangzhou Dingze Chemical  gel polish and nail extension, OEM 1C-4-17 China
Shanghai O'NINE Beauty  gel polish 1С-4-35 China
Guangzhou Roniki gel polish and extension  1С-4-39 China
Mistero Milano gel polish and polymers 1C-3-9 Poland
IQNAILS tools and cosmetics for manicure 1C-2-17 Poland
Aba Group  instruments for manicure 1C-3-11 Poland
Victoria Vynn  tools and cosmetics for manicure 1C-2-15 Poland
Guangzhou ICE COSMETIC gel polish 1С-4-43 China
Hangzhou Charmacy Pigments and effects for varnishes (crystals, chameleon, etc) 1C-4-7 China
Baowang Cosmetics Company  tools and cosmetics for manicure 1C-4-6 China
Beautilux Cosmetics Limited gel polish 1C-4-41 China
Guangzhou Bojun gel polish and nail extension  1C-4-29 China
Guangzhou Caili Cosmetic gel polish and OEM  1C-4-21 China
Guangzhou Caixuan  gel polish, Packaging, OEM 1C-4-31 China
Guangzhou Feifan Cosmetics gel polish 1C-5-5 China
Guangzhou Hongqi Cosmetics Professional accessories (sponge, puff, applicators, brushes, combs) 1C-4-33 China
Guanzhou Hongyao gel polish 1C-4-27 China
Guangzhou Jiayi gel polish and UV lamp 1C-4-47 China
Ningbo MQ  Electric  manicure instruments, UV lamp  1C-4-11 China
Guangzhou Renhexin  UV lamps 1C-4-25 China
R.M.T Beauty UV lamps 1C-4-50 China
Guangzhou Rosynails gel polish 1C-5-19 China
Guangzhou Guipu Trading manicure instrumetns and permanent make-up  1C-4-45 China
Guangzhou X-Ling gel polish packaging, OEM 1C-5-13 China
Guangzhou Xingfly Hairbrush tools for manicure and makeup accessories 1C-4-19 China
Guangzhou Yorkma Industrial waxheaters 1C-4-37 China
Neonail gel polish and tools  for manicure 1C-3-25 Poland

Iuliia Bulgakova/ Юлия Булгакова
Project Manager - ITE Beauty

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