XVIlI International perfumery and cosmetics exhibition
September • IEC, Kyiv, Ukraine

Intelligent Beauty Congress

Intelligent Beauty Congress
The Science of Beauty: Latest Scientific Advances in Aesthetic Practice

18-19 September 2019
Kyiv, Ukraine
International Exhibition Centre (15, Brovarskoy Ave.)
Pavilion 2, exhibition hall 8

2-day Interdisciplinary Conference presided by Head of Scientific Panel Dr Tiina Orasmäe-Meder (UK)
  • What has changed in the understanding of aesthetic therapy in the last decade?
  • Future trends: what challenges will aesthetic science bring tomorrow?
  • How it works. Practical solutions and real-life cases in aesthetic therapy and correction presented by leading experts.

Head of Science panel: Dr Tiina Orasmäe-Meder, MD, developer of cosmeceutical formulations and protocols, cosmetic safety and efficacy expert, founder of Meder Beauty Science (Switzerland). 

Session 1  
Scientific Approach to Ageing Today

·         Dr Tiina Orasmäe-Meder (UK)
Signs of ageing: what makes people look older
· Prof. A. M. Vaisserman (Ukraine)
Doctor of medicine, professor, Head of Gerontology Studies Institute Epigenetics Lab.
Longevity and the search of eternal youth elixir — review of today’s methods of lengthening active life expectancy. 
· Dr Tiina Orasmäe-Meder (UK)
Cosmetic solutions and gene expression: is there a youth switch in our skin cells? 

Session 2
Dermatology, Skin Diseases and Aesthetic Medicine of Today
· Prof. T. V. Svyatenko (Ukraine)
Doctor of medicine, professor, vice president of The Ukrainian Association of Medical Dermatology, Venereology and Aesthetic Medicine; key expert in adult and children’s dermatology in the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine; member of European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology; head of Dermatological and Venereological Disease Department of Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy.
The possibilities and limitations of treating dermatology patients in aesthetic clinics: today’s approach to problem solving.  
· Dr O. Rymarenko, MD (Ukraine)
Dermatology Doctor
Energy-assisted treatments in dermatological practice: possibilities and limitations.
· Dr P. Hamraeva (Uzbekistan)
Dermatology Doctor, MD-PhD.
Complex acne treatment: systemic retinoids and microbiome-friendly skin therapy. 
Session 3
Protection of the Skin — Versatile Approach

· Dr E. Rahanskaya ((Belarus)
Radiologist, radiation safety expert. Science editor of Cosmetics and Medicine Publishing House.   
Things the skin should and should not be protected against.
· Dr A. Dubovik (Belarus)
Doctor of medicine, Science editor of Cosmetics and Medicine Publishing House, published author of peer-reviewed articles on the effect of cosmetics on the skin.  
An overview of protective cosmetic ingredients.
· E. Igradi (Russia)
Makeup artist
Makeup or camouflage? The ABCs of protective makeup.

Session 4
Microbiome: New Approach to Familiar Problems

· Dr O. Skitalinskaya (Ukraine)
Doctor of medicine, dietitian
Gut and skin microbiome: connection and interaction.  
· Dr A. Dubovik (Belarus)
Doctor of medicine, Science editor of Cosmetics and Medicine Publishing House, published author of peer-reviewed articles on the effect of cosmetics on the skin.   
Sensitive skin and sensitive microbiome: the dos and don’ts of skin therapy.  
Session 5
Is Internet a New Market for an Aesthetician?

· Olga Fem (Ukraine)
Aesthetician, video blogger
Aesthetician online: fears and expectations
· T. Shalagina (Ukraine)
Aesthetician, founder and author of Skinstory blog and online learning program 
Who are you online? Education and customer service.
· E. Igradi (Russia)
   Makeup artist.
   Makeup for aestheticians: healthy skin on Instagram.   

This program can be revised!

Attendance fee (2 days): 2500 UAH

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Attendance fee includes 2 days of lectures and seminars, workshops, study materials, coffee breaks, sponsored gifts.

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