XVIlI International perfumery and cosmetics exhibition
18-20 September 2019 • IEC, Kyiv, Ukraine
18-19 September - 10:00 до 18:00 | 20 September - 10:00 до 17:00

International Buyer Program at InterCHARM-Ukraine

The exhibition proved once again that InterCHARM is not only the main beauty event of Ukraine, but also the way to find new market acceptance for participants.

In the "Buyer Program" of the exhibition 2017, 655 bulk buyers from 332 companies took part in search for new products and contracting, which is 27% more than last year.

This number includes 27 foreign buyers of large companies from 9 countries: the USA, Belarus, South Korea, Romania, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Moldova and Israel.

Such statistics clearly shows that the "International Buyer Program" of the exhibition is actively developing, and the reputation of InterCHARM-Ukraine as the most effective platform for the development of beauty business is known far beyond our country.
At the “Bayersky Café”, there were arranged 225 appointments, which brought hundreds of signed contracts to the exhibitors.
All foreign and domestic buyers noted positively the qualitative and quantitative lineup of InterCHARM-Ukraine 2017, and expressed their intention to participate in the "Buyers Program" ESTET BEAUTY EXPO.