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DROGERIE in Ukraine 2015: A MARKET Review

Ukrainian drogerie retail market showed dynamic development in 2015. EVA, PROSTOR and Watsons turned out to be the most active, by launching 271 new stores all together. The retailers tapped new regions, made restyling, launched social programs and gained customers’ loyality.


PROSTOR store chain (“Style D”, Dnipropetrovsk) can top the launching list: 109 stores in 67 cities of 23 regions have been open during the year. As for regions, the number of new shops were the following: 17 in Kyiv region, 14 — in Kharkiv region, 9 — in Dnipropetrovsk region, 8 — in Khmelnytsky region, 7 — in Poltava region and 6 — both in Lviv and Zaporizhzhya regions.

2015 resulted with the total number of 262 PROSTOR stores all over Ukraine. The company also performed the restyling of the shops, having kept the pink color in the new design.

Customers’ loyality program of PROSTOR continued its active development in 2015: the number of registered bonus cards increased to 550 000. In the second half of the year the sales volume of the cardholders expanded for 35% in comparison to the first half-year period.


 In 2015 EVA store chain (“Rush”, Dnipropetrovsk) expanded their national presence by opening 104 new stores. The total number of EVA shops made up 326 for December 2015, with their general trading area 52 609 square meters. By the end of the year the chain had covered 88 cities of Ukraine.

Sales turnover increased for 46% in 2015, for 38% — in comparison with similar shops.

A range of unique projects in Ukrainian drogerie market were realized by the company in 2015: nation prize “Mother of the Year” and social project “Orange Days”. The meaning of the last is the following: EVA suggests their customers to help the newly born children while shopping by transferring 1% of sales for purchasing medical equipment for perinatal centres in Ukraine.


The WATSONS (“DC Ukraine”) chain grew for 58 stores in 2015. The total number of stores made up 433 by the end of 2015.

The retailers’ sales revenue in the first six months of 2015 made up 1 243 million UAH, for comparison, in the first half of 2014 year it was 991 million UAH. Sales turnover growth, according to forbes.ua, made up 25%.

For promotion of products of their own brand the retailer launched an original advertising campaign. In the end of August 2015 the customers met Meggy the magpie —a business ambassador of the trademark and an expert in bright and attractive things. Meggy’s mission was to inform the customers about the production newsmakers — new products, discounts, limited offers and special prices.


The leader of beauty products market in Ukraine, “Brocard-Ukraine” is a part of L'etual international group of companies and runs perfumery and cosmetics shops under such trademarks as: Brocard, Bonjour, L’etual and M.A.C. In Ukraine 6 new shops were open in 2015. The retailer owns 88 outlets by the end of December.

The company income for the first six months of 2015 made up 760,8 million UAH (compared to 627,7 million UAH in the first half of 2014 year). According to forbes.ua, the sales turnover growth in 2015 made up 21,2%.

Since the beginning of 2015 new Brocard shops have been opened in Poltava (the Central Department Store), Chernigiv (Hollywood Mall Shopping Centre) and also two shops in Uzhgorod. Stores of new design were opened in Forum Lviv shopping centre (Lviv) in September 2015 and in the 3rd line of GLOBUS trade centre in Kyiv in November 2015.

Store chain

Total number of shops for December 2015

Number of shops opened in 2015











100 shops and 29 pharmacies


“Shick and Blesk”









“Blesk and Vedro” (“Tavria B” network)



Based on the MY-Trade Group digest.

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